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Bureau works internationally with represented and invited artists at varying career stages to provide a platform and context for dynamic and innovative contemporary visual practice. The gallery premieres and commissions new work across a variety of media and presentation formats, both on and off site. Bureau’s exhibition programme is complemented by screenings, talks and performance events, alongside international collaborations, exchange and residency projects. The gallery further supports artists’ practice through publishing initiatives, and participation in art fairs.

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Totem - Daniel Fogarty




Bureau is pleased to announce Totem, Daniel Fogarty’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, following his residency during Summer 2011. Fogarty’s practice is primarily concerned with Leisure and Production: often taking the physical form of a derivative of publishing (a poster, banner, illustration, or editorial photography), his work signals towards slight narratives or points of interest bordering on the banal. Fogarty churns over graphical language to understand particularities that arise and are embedded in a semiotics of ‘the everyday’.


Totem is comprised of new and previously unseen works, including pieces created during Fogarty’s residency at Bureau. ‘Totem’ refers to an object serving as the emblem of a family, often as a reminder of its ancestry; a carved or painted representation of such an object; or a family identified by a common totemic object. Synonymously, it also refers to a hallmark, logo, symbol, emblem, or trademark, and in this way relates to how Fogarty’s works explore the history of modernist culture and it’s particular graphic language.


The works in the exhibition draw on a variety of inspirations (literally and metaphorically), from modernist architecture, cottage industry, motorways, the Roads Beautifying Association (and their 1930 publication Roadside Planting), and suburban gardening, to Philip Guston-esque interpretations of the digestive system. These divergent interests are brought together through Fogarty’s unique visual ‘styling’, incorporating aspects of typography, signage, reprographic systems and methods of production.


Although in their final state the works are presented as a slick, stylistic pastiche of graphic design aesthetics, each piece has undergone an intensive, laboured process involving handcrafted elements (working with everyday and found materials, and mediums such as cardboard, concrete, and unfired clay), prior to its final production state. The method of production is key, and works indicate such processes within their titles; for example, Cottage Industry, Leisure Industry, Modern Industry (2011), a triptych depicting a short history of window frame design, evolving in conjunction with industry production.


All the works are heavily mediated to the point that they try to slip through the medium that they are created in. And… and… and… (2011), a large scale print produced from re-photographing re-production prints, is described by Fogarty as: “an overtly unspecific work, overly concerned with its production and aesthetic relation, and so broad in function that it fails to bring about any. […] a kind of folly where reproduction upon reproduction arrives to a point where it can speak so many languages that it ends up speaking none.”




More information about Daniel Fogarty: Daniel Fogarty is based in Manchester, UK, and graduated in BA Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University in 2009. Fogarty undertook Bureau’s annual residency in Summer 2011. This is his first solo exhibition with the gallery, having previously exhibited with Bureau at The Manchester Contemporary in October 2011.


Recent exhibitions include: The Production of Curation, Rogue Project Space, Manchester; Sunk Costs, Islington Mill, Salford; We Are All In This Together, Bureau, Manchester; PRISM #9, Sheffield; BlankExpression, BLANKSPACE, Manchester (2011); Collaboration No.4, Unit 3B, Sheffield; Rubric: Document (online); Out of the Wilderness, Bloc Projects, Sheffield (2010); Crassfelt, Galéria Hit, Bratislava, Slovakia; Venice Agendas 2009, Venice; The City Gates, Sheffield Hallam, Sheffield (2009); MAKE AN ICON OUT OF POPCORN, an experimental publishing project devised by Maria Fusco, in collaboration with APFEL (A Practice for Everyday Life), Art Quarters Press and Matt’s Gallery, London; Aller à Ouessant, Carte blanche à l’OEil d’Oodaaq, Ouessant, France (2008). Fogarty was also recently invited to be Guest Curator at Bloc Projects, Sheffield, for the exhibition Eye Service, a show of recent graduates from across the North of England. Daniel Fogarty is represented by Bureau.



11 February 2012 to 17 March 2012